This Christmas celebration was all about turning the holiday on its head with a full-on Grinch theme, and it was so great that the Grinch himself even came to party at [AV]!

The holiday season is all about fun and festivities, so we went all-out in ramping up the interactive elements of this Christmas celebration.

From custom “Merry Grinchmas” gobos to a winter wonderland photo station, guests were immersed in the holiday spirit throughout the night.

Oh, and did we mention there was a BALL PIT? (Red and green balls only, of course!) Naturally, the Grinch had something to say about such a fun activity, but guests were quick to ignore him and dive right in.
With the Grinch sneaking around, we had to be careful about where we put our Christmas decor (he’s known for stealing those kinds of things!), so we used signage to light the path for guests to find their way home to Whoville.

Once inside, guests were free to have the night of their lives! In addition to the ball pit, there were neon beanbag toss stations, foosball tables, and a full bar to keep the party going.

And, of course, our holiday celebration would not have been complete without a spectacular Christmas tree that would make even the Whos proud! 

As we said, the party was so great that even the Grinch decided to grace us with his presence! He even brought Max…who looks a little different than we remember.
A great holiday celebration is one that inspires laughter, love, and excitement, providing lifelong memories to cherish.

We love hosting holiday parties all year round! From Valentine’s Day and 4th of July to Halloween and Christmas, celebrate with us at [AV]. Get in touch and get a head start on your holiday plans!

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